Offer the domain extension that identifies users as American and businesses as having a presence in the USA.


Why .US domains?

  • Businesses use .US domain names to promote themselves as American companies, to inspire consumer confidence and to encourage consumers to "buy American."
  • .US domains enable domestic and international firms of every size and industry classification to protect their trademarks and establish their corporate identities online in the United States.
  • The .US domain can raise the online profile of nonprofits, associations and charities, and can help foreign companies establish a U.S.-based online identity.
  • Consumers and businesses can use a .US address for e-mail, a Web site, or both. Many desirable .US domains are still available, and .US addresses can last a lifetime, so there’s no need to change email or website addresses when switching from one Internet Service Provider to another.
  • Most recently, .US has been positioned as US, a social-community based domain with presence here in the United States and around the world.


.US domains are priced at $10.00/year. See prices for all domains.

Who buys .US domains?

Purchasers of .US domain names use them for both business and personal reasons. While most of the .US domains are registered and used in the USA (86%), .US domains are also purchased by registrants in Canada and European countries looking to establish an American presence.

Who can buy a .US domain?

Prospective registrants of US domain names must fall in one of three U.S. Nexus categories and must certify that they have a "bona fide presence in the United States."