.TEL is a unique domain extension because it doesn’t require separate hosting, nor does the domain owner need to know how to create and manage a website to use it. It is a global directory that stores all your contact information directly in the DNS. Users can add, remove, and modify their contact quickly and simply, and changes are reflected immediately. As of December 2009, there were over 275,000 registered users of .TEL domains.

Numeric-only and short .TEL domains

Beginning on June 14, 2011, numeric-only and short .TEL domains became available on a first come, first served basis. Domains consisting of seven or less numbers or any combination of seven or less numbers and hyphens are now allowed. Additionally, some two-character .TEL domains were also made available, with the exception of any two-letter country code domains (i.e. uk.tel). More information is available here.


.TEL domains are priced at $11.18/year. See prices for all domains.

Why .TEL?

Marketing and selling .TEL is a little different than regular domain names. Here are some reasons your customers should purchase .TEL domains:

  • They do not need web-design skills or hosting - everything is saved within the .TEL system.
  • They can easily publish their contact information - phone/fax numbers, VoIP and IM handles, email addresses and website links - while protecting any or all of it using the built-in .TEL privacy features.
  • They will be more accessible, as .TEL domains can be reached via web browser, smartphones, or other mobile internet devices at any time.
  • They will benefit from automatic SEO - .TEL listings are optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • They can take advantage of .TEL integration to allow for easy updates and real-time changes to contact information on their existing websites.

When you market .TEL, be sure to reach out to new customers, but don’t forget about your existing users who may already have a domain name. Offer them a .TEL as an inexpensive complementary web service that will help them get found online and drive traffic to their regular website.