Tap a Worldwide Domain Name Market

.PRO registration is open to all businesses, professionals, and other entities across the globe. Immediately communicate credentials to clients with a .PRO domain name. A .PRO domain name tells the world that the site owner is a verified licensed professional and helps establish trust online.

Who Can Register a .PRO Domain Name?

.PRO is an exclusive top-level domain reserved for use exclusively by licensed business and service professionals and entities internationally. All applicants meeting the following qualifications may register a .PRO domain name:

  • Provides professional services
  • Admitted to or licensed by a government certification body or jurisdictional licensing entity recognized by a governmental body that regularly verifies the accuracy of its data
  • In good standing with the licensing authority

In addition, registrants will be asked to provide the following information related to their professional eligibility:

  • Identification
  • Contact information
  • Profession-specific information such as license number

Why .PRO?

Expand your Reach: Offer .PRO domains, and you’ll add a product with a target market that numbers in the tens of millions worldwide. It’s a great way to expand your premium domain name offerings and your revenue potential.

.PRO transcends language barriers: These three letters begin the word professional in many different languages:

  • English — professional
  • Spanish — profesional
  • French — professionnel
  • German — professionelle
  • Italian — professionale
  • Romanian — profesional
  • Portuguese — profissional
  • Norwegian — profesjonell
  • Maltese — professjonali
  • Lithuanian — profesinės
  • Latvian — profesionālās
  • Indonesian — profesional
  • Galician — profesional
  • Filipino — propesyunal
  • Estonian — professionaalne
  • Dutch — professionele
  • Danish — professionel
  • Croatian — profesionalne
  • Catalan — professional
  • Albanian — profesional