Offer the ccTLD domain that provides a local presence in the Netherland - one of the most connected countries in the European Union.

Why .NL domains?

The Netherlands is a very connected country with a high penetration of domain owners. About one in four residents of the Netherlands is a .nl domain owner. Growth in .nl domains is strong and the country represents a good opportunity for anyone offering domain names, hosting and email services.

  • Since the .nl domain was created, a total of about 5.1 million unique domain names have been registered. Of these, roughly 1.1 million are no longer registered leaving a total of more than 4 million .nl domains in existence today.
  • Within the Netherlands, .nl has a 72% share of the domain name market. Next comes .com with 14%, then .eu with 8%.
  • Over the last twelve months, the .nl domain has grown by almost 13%.
  • The use of domain names to create personalized e-mail addresses increased by 25%.
  • In the Netherlands, 38 people in every 100 have broadband internet access – more than anywhere else in the world.

Who can buy a .NL domain?

.NL domains are available to anyone, regardless of citizenship or location. For .NL registrants outside of the Netherland, SIDN, the .NL Registry operator, will provide a local presence proxy.