.MOBI is the first – and only – top level Internet domain designed to help users find Internet content that will work on their mobile phones.


.MOBI domains are priced at $7.30/domain year Registry cost (renewals and transfers: $12.00/domain year) plus $0.18 ICANN fee and $3.00 OpenSRS Management fee for $10.43/year. See prices for all domains.

Why .MOBI?

.MOBI is revolutionizing the use of the Internet on mobile devices. When a site ends with a ".MOBI" address mobile users can be sure that they will access a site that works on their phone.

In 2010, mobile analytics firm Bango reported a 600% growth in traffic to mobile websites, based on a study of 50 million phone users worldwide. According to Bango CEO Ray Anderson, "The single most important app on any mobile device is the browser" to visit mobile websites. And contrary to what you may think from the many Apple ads you likely see, the best selling phone manufacturers globally are Nokia, Blackberry and then Apple, proving again that mobile websites are the most valuable and efficient way for businesses to reach customers via the mobile Web.

dotMobi is quickly closing in on one million .MOBI domains registered with that number continuing to grow. .MOBI is now at their highest-ever number in the name base and are poised to be only the sixth gTLD to reach one million domains under management. Many well-known brands are hopping on the .MOBI bandwagon, including AT&T, Blackberry, Five Guys restaurants, JCPenney, Simon and Schuster, and even the city of London.

.MOBI gives you

  • Choice on how and when they access the internet
  • Freedom from desktops & laptops, and the freedom to take the net wherever they go
  • The ability to stay connected wherever they are because .MOBI sites work on all mobile phones
  • Access to information you need, where and how they need it

There are billions of mobile phones in use around the world and it's estimated that 60% of consumers worldwide have access to the Internet via their mobile phone. Mobile Internet use is on the rise and only .MOBI domains say to Internet users that the site they are visiting is designed for use on a mobile device.