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Large and small, local and global, .ORGs influence our world every
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.ORG Website Examples by Usage Category


.ORG, where people come together.


International Air Transport Association
– www.iata.org
Organic Consumers Association
– www.organicconsumers.org
Solar Energy Industries Association

Corporate Philanthro

Don’t hide your good! Good belongs on .ORG and
good on .ORG is easy to find. See how Commercial
Organizations are using .ORG


Google – www.google.org
Freddie Mac – www.freddiemacfoundation.org
McDonalds – www.rmhc.org

Nonprofit Organizations

A strong and trusted brand, many nonprofit
organizations use .ORG to raise funds, generate
advocacy support and advance their mission


The World Bank – www.worldbank.org
United Way – www.unitedway.org
The United Nations Children’s Fund – www.unicef.org

Professional Associations

.ORG, where people go when they want to know.


International Communication Association
– www.icahdq.org
Telecommunication Industry Association
– www.tiaonline.org
Business Marketing Association – www.marketing.org

Sports & Teams

.ORG, where people come together to share a common goal.


The Official Website of the Olympic Movement
– www.olympic.org
Disable Sports USA – www.dsusa.org
The International Skating Union – www.isu.org


.ORG. for technology companies who help people
collaborate on the web


Media Wiki – www.mediawiki.org
Joomla – www.joomla.org
Drupal – www.drupal.org


Some of the most popular Wikis on the web have found
their home on .ORG


Wikipedia – www.wikipedia.org
Wikitravel – www.wikitravel.org
Wikibooks – www.wikibooks.org


.ORG, where people go when they want to know.


Public Broadcasting System – www.pbs.org
Public Radio International – www.pri.org
C-Span – www.c-span.org