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.BIZ overview

.BIZ is a powerful business tool that leverages the most advanced Internet infrastructure
technology platforms available, giving businesses all around the world a new way to define
themselves and to compete. .BIZ is designed specifically for the needs of companies small
and large—secure, stable and dynamic to accommodate the needs of buyers and sellers alike.
With .BIZ, businesses can confidently move their mission-critical applications online. Built-in
features provide greater security for sensitive data. Superior directory services enable
customers to easily and quickly find companies. State-of-the-art platforms facilitate
transactions. And a robust network without the extraneous “traffic” common in other TLDs
allows for more efficient communications—anytime, anywhere.

Why .BIZ is better: security

Changing the details of your .BIZ address requires enhanced validation before modifications
take effect—meaning there won’t be any unauthorized alterations to your site. Your .BIZ
name will never be “hijacked” and all changes will require your approval.

Why .BIZ is better: location

Unlike overly cluttered domains such as .COM and .NET, .BIZ brings new focus to the Web.
Finally, a space exists where companies can “get down to business.”

Why .BIZ is better: technology

A .BIZ domain name allows you to open for business immediately—often within